A boy holding dog with mud all over carpet needs cleaning Nothing in your home will absorb more soil, dust, and filth than your carpeting. Over time all that accumulated soil will fade the colors of your carpeting, affecting the overall appearance of your home.

ServiceMaster by Thacker can do wonders for the appearance of your carpeting with professional carpet cleaning services. We can deep clean your carpets, removing every speck of dirt from the fibers within your carpets. Our carpet cleaning technique works deep down into the base of your carpet removing even the most stubborn bits of soil. When we’re finished we leave you with a thoroughly cleaned carpet that looks as if it was new, by rejuvenating your carpet’s colors, which brighten rooms and make them appear livelier.  We even guarantee a drying time of only 4 -6 hours!

Contact our office today to begin our residential carpet cleaning service!

Want Your Clean Carpet to Last Longer?

We have a solution for you! ServiceMaster by Thacker offers Scotchgard protective coating as an addition to your carpet cleaning service. Have your newly cleaned carpets look cleaner for longer. By adding Scotchgard protective coating to your carpet cleaning services, you are protecting your carpet again stains and extending the life of your carpet. Call ServiceMaster by Thacker now to learn more about our Scotchgard protective coating three rooms for the price of two offer.