bloomingdale il healthcare cleaningFor years ServiceMaster Clean® has been the leader when it comes to innovative systems for cleaning in a healthcare environment.

Today, we are stronger than ever in the healthcare industry.  We have the experience, know-how, tools and the resources to step into your facility and provide you with a quality cleaning system. We specialize in cleaning large healthcare facilities in the Carpentersville, IL community.

Working in compliance with CDC, JCAHO and HIPAA standards, the ServiceMaster Clean healthcare training program certifies that each employee attempting to provide services in a healthcare facility has undergone and completed an intensive training course.

The ServiceMaster Clean Healthcare Training Program consists of:

Level 1 –Specializing in cleaning of doctor’s offices, dentist’s offices, behavioral health facilities (outpatient), medical education buildings, medical professional buildings and commercial work for these types of accounts.

Level 2 –Specializing in cleaning of outpatient surgery centers, dialysis centers and eye clinics. The processes involved include terminal cleaning an operating room and learning to maintain a sterile environment.

Level 3 –specializing in cleaning of 24/7 facilities such as urgent.

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care centers, emergency departments in hospitals, and also commercial works in these 24/7 facilities. The processes include infectious waste handling and day cleaning in these facilities.

ServiceMaster by Thacker of Carpentersville, IL has completed and received certification on Levels 1, 2, and 3. If you need your healthcare facility cleaned today, call ServiceMaster by Thacker now.

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