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Green cleaning is a practice that takes several aspects of the environment into consideration such as energy, noise, air quality, chemicals, and more.

guy cleaning office Energy
Using our green task schedule and specialized cleaning products and equipment, we are using less energy to power equipment, cleaning buildings faster, both result in lower utility costs.  Also our unique cleaning system imposes much less fatigue on our cleaning staff!

Air Quality
THe cleaning system we use called Capture & Removal®, reduces the amount of dust that remains in building.  Generally speaking, when dusting occurs a portion of that dust is released into the air and then settles onto surfaces overnight or is redistributed through the air ventilation system.  When Capture & Removal cleaning system is employed,a significant amount of dust is removed from the building when compared to traditional dusting methods.  To learn more about our Capture & Removal system, simply call us for a free no-obligation quote and demonstration of our system!

Products & Equipment
Not all green cleaning products are independently audited and certified green. However, ServiceMaster Clean is one of the only cleaning companies whose products are certified by the leading environmental organizations.