Carpet cleaning commercialWhether you need to tidy up the office for a meeting with a VIP client or you want to add a routine carpet maintenance program for your facility – call ServiceMaster by Thacker.

ServiceMaster by Thacker has served its customers in the area of carpet cleaning for more than 8 years! Over these years our techniques and products have evolved to include the best available technology and cleaning methods, to make sure our customers are receiving the highest quality of cleaning!

Our products have been developed specifically for use by licensed ServiceMaster Clean® franchisees, by ServiceMaster Clean. We use only the most advanced equipment in order to maximize not only efficiencies for our clients but also ergonomics, for the safety and comfort of our employees!

Ask us how we can help save you money and how we can extend the life of your carpet with our carpet cleaning maintenance program. This is a budget-friendly cleaning program designed to keep your office and your budget looking its best all year round.


  • Proper carpet maintenance programs can help extend the life of your carpeting.  A carpet maintenance program is structured so that the areas with heavy foot traffic are cleaned more often than the areas that get less traffic. A maintenance plan will leave your carpeting consistently clean while having nearly no additional costs per year.
  • Restorative carpet cleanings are a single time carpet cleaning service, where we will not only treat the spots and stains but also clean the entire carpeted area. (It is recommended that carpets should be deep cleaned twice a year)

So whether you are interested in a one-time carpet cleaning or in a planned carpet maintenance program, call ServiceMaster by Thacker today!

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