Residential Hardwood Floor Care If you have hardwood in any part of your home, consider calling ServiceMaster by Thacker for our professional wood floor cleaning services. The floors of any home are often overlooked and are one of the most underappreciated parts of a home, yet endures the most abuse. Pet scratches on furniture legs, food and drink spills, and even daily foot traffic can all take a toll on your hardwood floors. Not to mention that wood flooring is a porous material containing several tiny nooks and crannies that will trap soil, dirt, and dust, ultimately causing your hardwood floor to fade, lose color, and even show black lines from the accumulated trapped dirt.

With wood floor cleaning services from ServiceMaster by Thacker, we will clean your hardwood floors, allowing it to appear as if it was just newly installed. Our specially designed cleaning techniques allow us to remove the dust and dirt that has fallen into the porous spaces of your floors and allowing your hardwood floors to shine and radiate, as well as show off their beautiful wood grains.

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