The first chance you have to impress your visitors comes the moment they set foot in your facility in Addison, IL. With gleaming floors, polished fixtures, and clean windows, your office is sure to wow if you choose janitorial cleaning services from ServiceMaster by Thacker. Even with a janitorial crew coming in nightly, your office can get messy again by 5pm. Keep your office looking great all through the day by getting your team invested in cleaning too.

  1. Value cleaning as a community. If you build a team culture of cleaning up after oneself, shared spaces stay looking neat even for that 4pm client meeting.
  2. Keep food in the kitchens. Eating and working simultaneously may feel like it saves time, but it can also make a real mess of workstations. Crumbs, grease, and other food matter has the nasty tendency to work its way into the keyboard, chair fabric, and carpet. Take a break and keep your food in the kitchen.
  3. End the week with a little cleaning. Wrap up the day on Friday with a few minutes of cleaning. Just 5 minutes of straightening up a desk and wiping down the table can have a huge impact on the appearance of a work space. This has the added benefit that your team will start the next week with a clean slate