The effects ofchlorofluorocarbon (CFC) gases over the last fifty years are the primary reason why global warming is taking place and continuing to cause concern. To do our part in sustaining our environment, consider using green, environmentally friendly products in your facility maintenance and janitorial cleaning services.

Ever since commercial green cleaners have gone into production, there have been discussions as to whether or not we should be using the old-fashioned chemical cleaning products versus environmentally green cleaning products, which are becoming to grow more and more popular.

There may have been a time when green cleaning products were presumed to be less effective, but times have changed. There have been significant improvements in recent years with the creation of green cleaning products, and many would now argue that green cleaning products are just as effective as their chemical counterparts when it comes to eliminating germs and bacteria.

The benefits for traditional cleaning products are rather difficult to find. Some would say that they clean more effectively, but with the effectiveness of green products on the same level, these points can be omitted. Traditional products may be slightly cheaper, but does saving a few pennies outweigh the long-term effects that chemical cleaners cause on the environment and to your health? To keep your office clean and a healthy work environment, it may be best to consider using green products.

For Palatine, IL, janitorial services rely on ServiceMaster by Thacker. We utilize green cleaning products in our commercial cleaning services to help improve air quality and create healthier offices. For more information about our green cleaning services, please contact our office.