Several business offices and facilities in Schaumburg and the nearby areas, rely on their janitorial team to help maintain their facility. But in many cases, for several business offices in Schaumburg, janitorial services are generally provided during the late evenings or off-hours of the business, which allows clutter and messes to pile up during the day. To keep your office neat and clean during the day, it will require some participation and effort from your employees to contain clutter and messes. The Schaumburg janitorial experts, ServiceMaster by Thacker, has developed some helpful tips that you can implement throughout your office to reduce clutter.

Establish the Right Office Habits
Notify your employees that everybody shares the same workspace and that everybody has some responsibility in maintaining the work environment even if a janitorial crew is present. At the end of the day or the week, send a reminder to your employees to tidy-up their personal workspace. Using dust wipes or cleaning sprays to wipe down their desks, computer monitors, keyboards, phones, and anything else they may come into constant contact with. Not only will this help keep your office clean, but it also keeps the spread of germs at bay.

Create Designated Areas Specifically for Food
Create areas specifically for food consumption. Try and reduce the amount of times you have employees eat at their desk or personal workspace. This can greatly reduce the amount of spills and crumbs that can litter a carpet, and it can also help reduce the amount of greasy fingerprints that can cover tabletops, windows, doors, and cabinets. When you keep food consumption specifically to the lunch or break rooms, you can contain wrappers and spills to a single location, rather than throughout an entire office.

Use the Trash and Recycling Bins
In a busy office, there are many times where food packages, unwanted documents, paper cups and several other items are left out in the open. By implementing an office-wide reminder to your employees to pick up after themselves, you can cut down on the amount of clutter that litters your office. Otherwise, when your office is filled with wrappers, coffee cups, and crumbs, you attract bugs, spread germs, and display a poor business image. So remind your employees to discard any trash into the respective garbage or recycle bins.

Don’t Ignore Fallen Objects
Many times an employee may drop paper clips, staples, sticky notes, pens, and other small items on the ground and not pick them up. Not only will these items make your workspace appear unorganized and dirty, many of these items can actually cause damages to your floors and trap dust. An item with a sharp or pointy end, such as staples or paperclips can become entangled within carpeting, causing the fibers to rip and tear, whereas items such as sticky notes or wrappers can cause vacuums and other equipment to become clogged or jammed easily.

Without a day porter, with the implementation of some of these suggestions and the participation of the members of your office, you’ll be able to have your office appear clean and well maintained at all hours of the day. For reliable Schaumburg janitorial services, rely on ServiceMaster by Thacker. We’re your local experts for high quality janitorial services for business offices, healthcare centers, and more in Schaumburg, IL.