For any business, presenting a professional workspace is always important in improving employee morale and creating impressions for clients and guests. As a poorly presented work environment may reflect carelessness and lack of attention to detail. The answer to keeping an office appearing its best is to hire a reliable janitorial crew to service and maintain your office on a routine basis. But finding a reliable janitorial service provider can become a difficult task, so the experts at ServiceMaster by Thacker would like to share some information on how you can go about your search and find a reliable partner for Palatine, IL, janitorial services.

1) Verify the Paper Work
A reliable Palatine, IL, janitorial service provider should be licensed, certified, and insured, for business. Confirm that any commercial cleaning provider you have in mind has all of these credentials to ensure that they’re trustworthy and reliable. If you come across any commercial cleaning company without all three of these items, simply look elsewhere for janitorial services.

2) Search for References
For any commercial cleaning company that has been operating for more than a few months, they should have at least one customer willing to provide a testimonial of their services. Contact the Palatine, IL janitorial service provider in question, and see if they have any client testimonials or if they would be willing to allow you to contact one of their clients for a review regarding the services that were provided.

3) Use the Internet as a Resource
Try to use the Internet to your advantage, as there is a plethora of information floating on the web. Use a search engine and try to find customer reviews regarding the Palatine, IL janitorial service provider that you are interested in. There are plenty of sites, bogs, and forums, where customers will share, rant, and discuss, their experiences with companies that have provided them with services. Just be aware that with any service or product, there will always be a few disgruntled or unsatisfied customers, so try to collect as many reviews and opinions as possible before making an executive decision.

For reliable Palatine, IL, janitorial services, you can always rely on the commercial cleaning experts at ServiceMaster by Thacker. We’ve been serving Palatine, Illinois and the nearby area for years. With our expertise and high quality services, we want nothing less than complete customer satisfaction. With your very own custom-designed cleaning plan, we’ll be able to maintain your business facility exactly the way you wish. For more information, please feel free to contact our office to speak with a representative regarding any questions or concerns you may have.