Everyone knows how important spring cleaning is, but summer office cleaning is just as important. Summer cleaning is an excellent opportunity to take an intensive approach to deep cleaning surfaces and repairs, especially with decreased foot traffic and more free time. Read on to learn four summer office cleaning tips that will ensure that your workplace looks new.

1. Shampoo, Steam Clean, and Seal Floors

Floors are the most utilized surfaces in your office, so taking the time during summer is the best time to give your office floors a deep clean in preparation for the busy fall and winter months ahead.

To do summer office cleaning right, take the time to thoroughly shampoo, scrub, and steam all rugs and carpets. For wooden floors, you should wash and resurface as necessary. And for tile and laminate flooring, scrubbing and polishing is necessary.

If applicable, you may want to consider refinishing your flooring. A professional refinishing by ServiceMaster by Thacker can not only make your floors sparkle and shine, but also remove built-up pollen that affects the air quality – especially for employees that suffer from seasonal allergies.

2. Clean Windows and Window Hardware

Summer is a great time to clean your windows, including the glass, shutters, blinds, and hardware. Grime, dust, and debris build up on blinds and window frames over time, so taking the time to scrub all of that away restores your office’s windows to look like new. And as with floors, windows are magnets for dust and pollen, so summer office cleaning ensures a better air quality and relief for seasonal allergy sufferers.

3. Scrub Desks and Office Furniture

Make sure to clean your employees desks, workstations, and furniture. During the summer, this is easier, as employees typically take vacation days. By tackling accumulated dust and dirt in individual workspaces that would otherwise be covered in paperwork, you ensure a cleaner environment that needs less cleaning in the future. Also, don’t forget to take the summer months to clean office chairs, couches, and other pieces of furniture for a comprehensive office cleaning.

4. Repairs, Maintenance, and Painting

If your office has scuffs on the walls or chips taken out furniture, you should incorporate repairs into your summer office cleaning plan. Summer’s warmer months make it a great time to paint walls, service appliances, and repair furniture that would be otherwise more difficult in colder temperatures. And when fall comes about and your staff is back from vacation, your office will look like new!

Office Cleaning Services from ServiceMaster by Thacker

ServiceMaster by Thacker provides top-notch professional janitorial services for all your office cleaning needs. Our dedicated team doesn’t cut corners to ensure that every one of the clients is satisfied with their cleaning. No job is too big or small, and we can schedule our cleaning services to minimize business interruption when you need. To learn how ServiceMaster by Thacker helps keep your facility clean all year long, give us a call or visit us online today!